Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rise of planet of "Hobby Coders"

Passionate about coding? Want to work on something interesting (probably :P), and chase some unseen problem?? Well, welcome to the world of Hobby Coders.

Wondering what it is? Honestly, i myself dont know the answer fully as of now! :) But it will be a NON PROFIT team (not a company, not even an organization, just a team) of DEDICATED coders who are thinking to do something useful in coding in their leisure time (just a part of your leisure time, not even full leisure time)
So, if you can give us, say, 15 or 30 minutes a day, and is willing to join me, please let me know.
And BTW, Im not so rich to give you salary, its not a company or something that works for profit. Its about passion, dedication and learning. Anytime you can join me and if you want to leave sure, anytime!!

Who are you anyways? Im Sriram, nothing much to say about me. I try to learn work on stuffs like Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Neural Networks, Distributed Systems. Im not an expert in anything, but i keep on learning and think of some new projects, products to be more accurate!

I know more than you! Why should i work under you? Well, i still didnt say, im going to lead the team. IT is an area where each and everyone will have a unique talent and unique approach for a problem. This team will not worry about who is going to lead, who is going to get name and fame, but we will work on what we are going to do. All products will have the list of people who have worked for it. Thats it. Its more a friendly team, not something that has a hierarchy of positions

Do you think this idea will be a success? Im not going to boast about this attempt, may be we will make some good products, or may be the attempt will loose focus with time, atleast you will take knowledge and learning with you

So what we will do? We will take some small and challenging problems and we will give code solutions for that, also we will release few projects in some areas for free
The activities are not yet planned, i want to see how many people are interested, if i get enough strength, then we will proceed, otherwise, this will be shutdown!
But to give an example of projects that we will work, may be we will make a web based script for hotel management, may be a small and efficient memory management algorithm, may be a data over voice system for data communication (currently planning), may be a javascript library for better image processing and lot more

I also want the help of experts in many domains like neural networks, image processing, computer vision, programming languages and so on. You dont even have to spend more time, atleast please guide us for our future ideas

If anyone interested, please email me your details:
Based on the total participation and the level of expertise we get, further activities will be planned

Thanks and Regards
NIT Raipur 2011 Passout


  1. Its a great idea Sir..
    Would like to be part of it..

    I am not as good as you are.. but i m sure that i can learns things and contribute..

    1. Welcome Ankur. Two persons can never be compared like this pal. Who knows what ideas are hidden in your brain which are yet to be hatched. :) In college i didnt got chance to work with you guys (juniors). Otherwise, we could have learnt a lot more together as a team, working on some difficult goals and enjoying coding.

      Anyways, please email me the technologies you are good with. I will notify you of the next event.

      As i mentioned earlier, its not a team working for money. Currently i have only me and very few more of my friends who are really passionate about this, in the team. Depending on the number of people we get, we will decide the size of the code problem we will attempt.

      Thanks for your post :)

  2. This initiative might be a really good idea, as it seems we tend to forget most of our "Coding Skills" in these companies where they do not let us code to our heart's content. A few hours a day of extra coding is really necessary to keep in touch with regular coding practice. Mayb we could start with some small real life problems and slowly progress towards larger problems e.g. coding problems given by various sites, and who knows maybe make some money for our members(:P).
    Anyway very nice initiative.
    I think I am also planning on a website for reviews on various technical (real life and virtual items). Maybe we can merge them all together to form something much better.

    1. Thanks for the comment Arnav, its just our contribution to the open-source world(initially) and also just to put it in simple words, what ever we learn in this field, we will put it in the form of a deliverable and people who want to use it can take it readymade from us and we can proceed learning, as we drill through knowledge :) and it will have nothing to do with our companies! Just "learning accompanied with contribution to open-source world"

      And nice about the reviews website, we will work out more on the integration of that too.

      We should have done these attempts in our college itself, we were planning small but left inbetween, this time we will try to make it better

  3. Im in!! Im would join to the initiative.
    I want learn more stuff than i know and share my knowledge with oher coder.