Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Web Scripting using C language

Web Server Side Scripting using C language

Many languages like PHP, ASP are used for web scripting, many programmers who are familiar only with C language are not from computer science origin refrain in learning these languages thinking that they are very complicated. For creating simple scripts and making your own websites, even C language is more than enough. Im planning to write a simple header file that C programmers have to include, and they can do all the basic web fundamentals.

And regarding optimization, im planning to write a small engine that can cache many files in it so that very fast processing of data could be possible because anyways these files are not interpreted like many web scripts. Definitely any server-scripting language like PHP will be better than this approach as they have a rich collection of libraries and many more. But this idea is targeted only people who are familiar only with C and want to do simple web scripting and database operations. I will start this soon and post it when it will be over. The first release will have only all basic commands required to convert simple C to simple server-scripting language, already MYSQL and other leading database vendors have given APIs for C to connect to their databases.

The first release will not have much validation techniques and data security algorithms in it.

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