Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Web Programming using C / C++

Here is a small API in form of header file in C / C++ which will allow simple programs to be converted into web programs and can be run through a browser.

The guide is written in such a way that each and every step is explained carefully for people who are mainly from non computer origin. This will help you to create simple web pages and do some web server scripting.
The guide explains from downloading required softwares, configuring them, writing simple C web apps. It will be a good thing for non IT people who work with simple C. Now do anything in C code, and atlast send the outputs to browser, make it a web app!!

Please post any bugs/suggestions/feedbacks here. Thank you.

Download Link:
http://www.4shared.com/zip/IVyKtfue/web_scripting_using_c_c.html  (COMPLETE FILE, API, Example, Tutorial Guide)

IMPORTANT: If you have the older release, the file home.c in examples directory, will fail to compile because of a line disableCache(); in it, please remove the line and compile the file. Initially i kept a function for cache management in the API and finally i thought of removing it, but forgot to update that file. Thankyou.

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