Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Video Wall using Raspberry Pi

Over the weekend, I was working on a prototype of a Video Wall implementation using Raspberry Pi and succeeded in it. I share my architecture here:

1. Raspberry Pi is supported by OpenELEC, which will turn your Pi into a media center. Install it in your Pi and interface it to your TV and attach it to your wireless network.

2. UPnP protocol is a popular media sharing protocol. You can turn your Pi into a UPnP client by following this:

3. Your Pi is ready to display media on TV by any network device which can speak in UPnP. For android devices, there are plenty of apps that can interact with UPnP devices in your network like Toaster Cast. (This step is just to test your single video wall monitor and have some fun with Pi)

4. To extend this as an "n" monitor video wall, you need "n" Raspberry Pi and one computer that will split each video frame to "n" pieces each for a monitor display, then transmit this data as UPnP to the Pi network, which will in-turn render the frame to the monitor display attached to it.

Without resources, I can't complete step "4", but would be happy to work together with someone who wants to realise a fully functional video wall.

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