Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Learn to customize an OS and create your own flavour

Its always a dream for geeky IT students to customize OS code to add some stuffs like, adding an additional screen during OS boots, adding your name in right click menu everything. But since they don't get proper guidance and direction to explore about this, most of them get bored and their enthusiasm goes down.

Students! What if you get a very good e-course which will teach you FROM SCRATCH everything required (technologies, tools, mind sets, innovative ideas) to download a live OS code, open the code and do something geeky with it, play with the Kernel, may be modify the OS TCP/IP code to be more effective and lot more. May be you got a very good research concept about OS but since you can't implement it and measure the result your new modified algorithm produces, you left presenting a great tech research paper.

No more worries! If you think that your college project is not/less innovate, its mundane, but you feel you are dedicated and have the zeal to learn and code complex things, here is what you need to do.

I have experimented with some OS codes and felt that my work will be a great asset for college students/researchers/hobbyists especially for research projects and I am documenting my work at:

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  1. Hi I found this post by Google:

    While reading it I found it quite interesting. I was looking for something like that. Sadly it seems that megaupload is dead and I'm unable to download your project file to study your code.

    Is there a chance of you uploading that project once again to a working hosting place?

    Hoping for a "yes" and thanks beforehand,

  2. lolololol I was going to say the same. Megaupload has been dead for a very long time, so it would be nice to have the project up a new place.

    Sriram, could you upload your project again to a new hosting place so we who are waiting for it could download it?

    -dude in need if the unity3d+matlab project

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