Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unity 3D handVu Integration Tutorials

Again Im really sorry for taking a long time for releasing this awaited tutorials with all working codes.

Since I dont have web space of my own, I rely on free file hostings, I have uploaded the required files with the mirrors::

Tutorials PDF file:
Full Project (Unity Package File):

Download the PDF file, that contains links of files to be downloaded...


  1. Hello Sriram,
    I tried to your project
    when i try running, I found my unity notresponding.
    what causes it, what might I use the wrong port,
    how to check ports that should be used.
    are that need connected to webcam.


  2. Hi mostly it could be because handVU is not running on that port. To check that use this command in dos: netstat -a

    That shows the list of ports open. See if handVU is running or not. Thanks!!

  3. i need to activate webcam with unity3D.Can you help me please?Thanks

  4. Please check some libraries like openCV, though the library is for C, there are many .NET wrappers of the library, so you can use one and write a script to access webcam and put the image dynamically as a texture in Unity, may be a texture for a surface!! Please try this and if you find any problems, post here, we will solve them!

  5. i find problems with Opencv.dll with Unity , i found a package un UnityAR version beta so the webcam ias the is runnig and as the image of webcam is a texture i convert it to png but the
    image is inversed?
    Can u help me to solve this problem?
    And i ask you if i can manipulate images with Unity3D to extract thier characteristics and to apply
    filters like with OpenCV?

  6. I dont know what kind of package you mean, but anyways, to invert the image back, try to rotate the surface in Unity by 360 degrees, that might solve the problem.

    For applying filters, please send me the code that you use inside Unity, i want to see what kind of code is used. So that we can use opencv functions in that. If its different, we will write our own code for opencv

  7. Firstly,thanks.
    This is the link to download the UnityAR.
    For OpenCV i need to convert the
    image that i capture it from webcam and apply segmentation in this image?

  8. Hi, I am having trouble importing your package. I am getting an error on import that says " Prefabs is not a valid directory name." and it does not import most of the project.

    When I looked at it closely I see that you have a space before the folder name ' Prefabs' in your package. I'm sure that's the problem because Unity3.5 can't have a space before the name of a folder. However, I can't fix it or import the files unless you fix it and re-post the package. Also I am using Unity 3.5 beta and maybe the old versions would import the files but 3.5 doesn't?

    I love you're work and thanks for any help you can give me on this... Sriram you're awesome ;)

  9. Oh!! Is it!! But i imported the package directly from Unity itself also, that folder is Unity generated folder only!! Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing this kind of bug. When i developed the app, it was in Unity 2.5 i guess. I will repack the code. But for time being, you can see the guide, the entire source code is given there, and the steps are also given there, you can resurrect the complete project from it!

  10. Hi, Sriram.
    I liked your video demo on youtube. Could you please reupload your tutorial and project to another file server(megaupload is suspended now).


  11. @Rustam: Hi, Im doing that only now, soon i will reupload everything

    @All: Please if someone downloaded this tutorial, could you email me back, im searching for this tutorial in my computer, if i dont get it back, i will make one more, thats not a problem, anyways, if someone already downloaded it, please send me back only the pdf file. Thanks a lot.

    @KrisCode: Buddy, if you have downloaded the pdf, please send me


    Thanks in advance!!

  12. Hey Sriram,
    Great work with this tutorial bro! Any luck on getting this to run on unity 3.5 anyone. Especially with the integrated webcam support should be a less complicated bind than before right?

  13. I still can't find your pdf Sriram. I looked everywhere on my system and I don't see it. If you tell me the exact name I'll get it for you. Sorry I just saw this and figured out what happened to your uploads...

  14. Hi!, can you change the Tutorials link for other site, because megaupload was closed xD!
    thank you.

  15. How do you save the recorded videos in your computer? I mean, for posting it on youtube, you must have saved the recorded video on your laptop.. How did you do that?

  16. the pdf link is broken, where i can find it?? :)

  17. i need the pdf pls

  18. Hey Sriram,upload tutorial in another file hosting.R.I.P MegaUpload.

  19. Hey Sriram,upload Tutorials PDF file in another file hosting,MegaUpload website is closed!

  20. Hi, Sriram! I tryed to run this in my Unity, unity console writes:NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    virtual_demo.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/virtual_demo.cs:20)
    How to fix this?

  21. Thank you for this tutorial but the pdf document is uploaded on megaupload, please upload and share it in another site. mediafire or 4shared. thank you in advance

  22. Hey Sriram! Can you please upload your tutorial again? Thanks!

  23. Hey Sriram! Great work! Could you please upload your tutorial again? Thanks!

  24. Hi , The link to tutorial file is empty.When I run handvu , I get below errors
    SocketException: Connection refused
    System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect (System.Net.EndPoint remoteEP, Boolean requireSocketPolicy)
    System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect (System.Net.EndPoint remoteEP)
    System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient.Connect (System.Net.IPEndPoint remote_end_point)


    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    virtual_demo.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/virtual_demo.cs:21)