Saturday, September 11, 2010

Augmented Reality using Unity 3D

Here are two demos of Augmented Reality using Unity 3D

Unity 3D and Hand Vu ::

Unity 3D and FaceAPI ::

Please bare with me guys, im making the tutorials, it might take some time since im a bit busy, but definitely i will post complete tutorials ASAP! Till then, if you want any code snips regarding this, you can leave a comment here


  1. hi sriram,

    i really liked your videos about augmented reality and Unity3d and i'm waiting for the tutorials. please, could you send one to me??

  2. Hey definitely.....actually im currently a bit busy with few works, not finding much time to write tutorial. Please keep on checking the blog, i will make a tutorial with step by step procedure and demo codes and post it soon....

    Ok fine, guys who want to be notified after the tutorial is ready either post your emails here or to my email
    I will notify you after its ready!!

  3. hey man this is awsome!
    count me in plz :)
    im veryyy interested in augmented reality and unity so plz contact me as soon as the tutorials become ready
    thx alot

  4. hi!
    How did u use handvu to replace mouse?

    can u teach me?thanks!

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  6. Thanks for the response guys, and sorry for late reply. I have started the tutorials, but my exams are fast approaching, so please give me some more time. Definitely I will be explaining each and every bit of the working of my code. Thanks for your patience!

  7. Looking forward to your tutorials! Please keep me posted. Thank you so much.


  8. Tutorials Released

    Please check guys!!

  9. Hello Sriram!
    Awesome demos! I just have one question, where can I find these plugins to download?

  10. Unity3d faceAPI code is already released. Please check here:

  11. Thanks for this post. I compiled a list of some top resources on the basics of creating an augmented reality app. Hope it can be useful to other developers here.

  12. That's very cool man
    do you have anything on Location based AR with unity?

  13. Thanks i love your blog post lot of new things to learn for a newbie like me

  14. i want ask how to make a marker to show sound